CraftyPod started as a podcast back in 2005, and after adding a blog in '06, was my online home for ten years. Here, I explored creativity, the ins and outs of running my small design and writing business, and my life as a maker.

I closed CraftyPod in 2015. You're now looking at a simplified version, containing a sampling of my design and instructional writing. I've done my best to make sure all links are working, but the internet moves quickly. (And please keep in mind that at one time, a 2 megapixel camera was state-of-the-art.)

I hope you enjoy this bit of time travel!

Tumbler Fish: a Free EPP Pattern

Several weeks ago, I had one of those flashes of inspiration and came up with the idea of turning tumbler patches into little fishies. They work perfectly!

Plastic Canvas Gm Ornament

A pretty dandy use for plastic canvas triangles, if I do say so myself.

Magnifying Glasses

Image by Philip Chapman-Bel, via Flickr

I hope you won't mind one more book-writing post. While it's fresh in my mind, I want to expand on something I said in the previous post:

Miss A Writes a Song

Image by Denise Krebs, via Flickr

Let's talk turkey about what you can and cannot get from a book deal.

Grandmother's Cutting Garden Quilt

If you love the idea of making a hexie quilt, but not the idea of stitching a thousand hexies together, this is the quilt for you.

Hexie Diamond Pillow

Back in August, Sew, Mama, Sew kicked off a new series of posts on Slow Sewing. And I got all excited because these days I am all about the slow sewing. I've come to treasure the quiet pace and close focus of English paper piecing as a form of meditation and healing.

Hexie Sewing Set English Paper Piecing Pattern

If you're always starting hexie projects and abandoning them, these quick and useful items are perfect for you!