It's not like I had the time, really, for another ornament tutorial. But somehow I got all fixated on the idea of chenille stems, and this happened.


My take on a traditional Japanese craft called Oshie.


Yup, I'm pretty excited about this tutorial. Because I want you all to experience the wonder that is plastic canvas, I figured out a very simple way to make this tiny gingerbread house. It's about 2" square, and just as cute as it can be.


You can make one of these quilted cards for every person at your Thanksgiving table.


So, my iPhoto crashed this week, and in the process of completely reorganizing my bloated photo inventory, I found this little brooch. It's from something I worked on earlier this year, and forgot all about.

pc_pendant_fin2 pc_pendant_fin1

I get thousands of emails each week, begging me to offer more plastic canvas coverage on this blog.


Hoo, boy, this little project came out of nowhere! But before I get to the tutorial, a little background...


This design showed up in my sketchbook a long time ago, but I resisted making it because I really don't need another pincushion. But I do have a pretty serious yo-yo habit, and finally broke down when I couldn't resist playing with my yo-yo maker any longer.