So, I love making these little guys – it's just the most relaxing, serendipitous process of creation. Yours will be 100% different than mine, and that's really wonderful.


When I heard Vickie Howell was coming out with a cotton and acrylic blend yarn, I was eager to check it out – not for knitting or crochet purposes, but for plastic canvas. Of course.


Most big-box craft stores carry these intriguing PC circles, and they're handy for lots of projects. I love this table runner for its free-formness. All you need to do is stitch up a bunch of circles, and then put them together in any configuration you like.

pc-pincushion-needlebook-finished-1 (1)

This project came out of a bad habit of mine. I have a little felt needle book, and I'm always sticking my needles right into its front cover, rather than neatly putting them back in the book. So the poor thing is looking really beat-up with all that stabbing, and every time I need to get a needle out of it, I have to cope with the sharp points of all the needles I stuck through it.

So I decided to make a version with a built-in pincushion.

Kaleidoscope Pillows

I had such a great time coming up with this project for Spoonflower. I've been obsessing lately about kaleidoscopes, and how they create complex images by capturing one wedge-shaped segment and repeating it. I got to thinking, how about recreating that idea in fabrics?

Fall Scarf Tutorial for Spoonflower

OK, so maybe temperatures are in the upper 80's here in PDX this week, but it's still time to get excited about cooler temperatures and scarf-wearing.

Tote Tutorial for Spoonflower

A guest tutorial for Spoonflower, in which I make use of my five favorite fabrics from their site (for this week, that is).


I had a complete blast making this tutorial for the Spoonflower blog. They have so many beautiful large-scale prints over there, and I thought it would be fun to play with those in making some giant-size paper piecing.