How to Make a Giant Hexie Placemat (a guest tutorial for Spoonflower)

21 Aug 2012


I had a complete blast making this tutorial for the Spoonflower blog. They have so many beautiful large-scale prints over there, and I thought it would be fun to play with those in making some giant-size paper piecing.

These fabrics are designed by Holli Zollinger, and you can get more details on them in my tutorial. I had them printed on Spoonflower's Kona Cotton.

Giant Hexie Placemat

...As soon as I finished my photo shoot, K asked, "So, can I eat your snack-model now?"


Aw, thanks, Maryline! I am fluent only with deep concentration at the sewing machine. :-) But I love it! Mom started me really early.

Hey! Great quilt project! I can see you are as fluent with your sewing machine as with your computer! Congratulations!

Aw, you really are the best Mom ever. Six it is! :-)

Ha! I take NO NONE ZERO credit! Diane has always sewn rings around me! Don't believe a thing she says. She just has skills!

As you know Diane, I had the opportunity to hold and touch and see in REAL life this lovely piece last night. OMG. The images do NOT do it justice. First of all it is visually stunning - I love the soft sheen and richness the linen provides. But to touch it - what an amazing feel and drape in the hand. Diane, your selection of fabrics as well as the flannel batting all worked together perfectly.

I have always thought - hexies = small prints! Your tutorial on Spoonflower proves that gorgeous large prints can be used beautifully to create beautiful hexies! Great tutorial and really great place mat!

I will need 6 for Christmas please!


Doing some catching up today, and I'm just loving the tutorials that you're putting together for Spoonflower, Diane! Very, very pretty!

Thanks, Sarah! They were super fun to do!

This is awesome, I love it!! I'm into place mats right now...just trying to decide how many is too many. :) This one is definitely going to make the cut!

Thank you, Gabrielle! :-)