The Gemstone Pillow: A New EPP Pattern

02 Oct 2014

The Gemstone Pillow: English Paper Piecing PDF Pattern

It was one of those creative kismet stories…

I was noodling in my sketchbook, playing with octagon shapes for a new English paper pieced quilt block. I drew an octagon that was a little elongated, and the thought drifted through my mind: "Huh. That looks a lot like one of those emerald-cut gemstones."

…So I kept noodling, and before long, it looked exactly like one of those emerald-cut gemstones. And I had the makings of a new EPP pattern.

The very next day (I kid you not), RJR Fabrics asked me if I'd like some of their Cotton Supreme solids to work with and blog about. And I was all: "Ummm, YES PLEASE."

The Gemstone Pillow: English Paper Piecing PDF PatternAnd here's the result: The Gemstone Pillow, my latest EPP-and-applique pattern.

I do love how this project turned out. If you've played with some hexies, this is a project to challenge your EPP skills a little. We're working with odd shapes here, but fear not – the pattern templates tell you everything you need to know in order to get all the pieces arranged correctly. Really, if you can thread a needle and sew a straight machine seam, you can absolutely make this pillow.

I could see this design in so many cool variations – you could make those gemstones all the same color. You could use just two colors. You could use shades of grey and make them all resemble diamonds. You could put your gemstones on a print background. You could arrange them differently. The patten gives you all the templates and techniques, and you can take off from there.

The Gemstone Pillow: English Paper Piecing PDF Pattern

You can get all the pattern details over at my shop. And you can see what my fellow blog-hoppers have made over here.

The Gemstone PillowIt was awesome to work with the Cotton Supreme colors here. The success of this design relies on having enough contrast between the light and dark values of each color, and RJR has so many hues, I was able to get a perfect set. At left is a list of all the colors I used.

The Cotton Supremes are lovely to work with for EPP. They're nice and soft, and hold a finger-pressed crease beautifully, which makes for easy, precise basting. I've got some scraps left over that I can't wait to use in other projects.

(As you can see, Pushkin found them nice for Laying Upon as well.)

The Gemstone Pillow: English Paper Piecing PDF Pattern


I love this pattern! My favorite gem is the ruby, but I love jewelry and gems of all colors and styles!

I LOVE emeralds...they are my birthstone! :) Very pretty EPP design...going to check out the shop now!

Favorite gemstone is white wedding ring from my late husband. Love the vibrant colors of the new fabric line.

These are awesome. I have been waiting to do a quilt for my niece Juliet. We call her Jules. So Jewels for Jules would be perfect!!

Love the design - glittering with riches! :)

I will go with topaz--my birthstone.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Our daughter was born in February, so amethyst is my favorite! LOVE, LOVE your design!!!

Beautiful pattern. I looove sapphires, particularly Indian day I may get lucky! In the meantime fabric will be lovely!

My favorite gemstone is Emerald as it is my birthstone. A good Emerald is alive with shades of green that can draw you into its depths...but being mother yo six I can create a beautiful mix of the birthstones of my family

My favorite gemstone is a ruby because it always reminded me of ruby slippers and when I was young I thought my mom knew Dorothy because she had a ruby ring. Favorite gem!

My favourite is sapphire, which is good since it is my birthstone LOL! This pillow is just stunning! I am not any good at shading and things like that so I tip my hat to you :)

Beautiful project! Worth the hand work for sure!


Fun fabrics and BEAUTIFUL project!!

Wow, Diane, completely clever design! Amazing.