Video: How to Baste Hexies from Fabric Squares

10 Oct 2014

Today, I'll share a nice time-saving method for basting hexagons. You start with fabric squares that you've cut with your ruler and rotary cutter, and then you baste those squares right to your hexie templates.

This method is useful for projects where you need to make a whole lot of patches – and you can use it with really any shape, not just hexies.

To be honest, this isn't my favorite basting method, simply because it results in a slightly bulkier patch. (Although for most projects, this extra bulk wouldn't present any problems. The only time I think the bulk would present issues is when you wanted to do a lot of intricate quilting on a project.)

…But I do know a lot of EPP-ers who love to baste this way, so I thought I'd share it. If there was ever a "to each their own" craft, it's EPP!

Happy Stitching, and Happy Weekend!



yes I have started doing my hexies this way saves so much time but I do not use the glue. I do tend to trim the excess fabric away once I have them all sewn together

I just started using mini charm squares for my hexies. Your video was right on time! Thank you, Diane. I hope you don't mind if I share your link with my readers.

Not at all! Thanks, Julie!