The Flower POW Mug Rug: a Brand-New EPP Pattern!

22 Sep 2014

Flower POW Mug Rug: an EPP Pattern

So, today I finally get to announce something I've been working on behind-the-scenes since January. I've opened a little pattern store for English paper piecing patterns!

As you may have gathered – ahem-hard-to-miss-ahem – I'm pretty besotted with EPP. It's one of the most soothing crafts ever. It's simple to learn, and lets you turn out perfect patchwork without having to do any measuring or point-matching. The paper does all that work for you, and you just get to chill out and stitch and watch West Wing.

Flower POW Mug Rug: an EPP Pattern

The one thing I've always struggled with in EPP, however, is the time commitment. As much as I love my hand-sewing time, I also want to finish my projects and use them! I've started no fewer than four hexie quilts, and ended up giving up on all of them. I figure there have to be others out there like me.

That's why I started developing patterns for smaller EPP projects – things that let you enjoy this delightful process, and also have an awesome finished item within the same calendar year. :-)

Flower POW Mug Rug: an EPP Pattern

I'll share my patterns in detail one at a time over a series of posts. This one is the first one I came up with – and I call it the Flower POW Mug Rug. I love hexies, but EPP lends itself to all kinds of different shapes, so I wanted to make some things that let me play with that.

…So in this pattern, you get to piece with diamonds and triangles, and then add an outer border of scallops. (Can you make curved edges with EPP? Oh, absolutely - it's easy!)

Flower POW Mug Rug: EPP Pattern

This project is also fun because it can be entirely hand-sewn. As in, you don't need a sewing-machine to make it, unless you want to machine-quilt it.

And it's a pretty quick project – I can make this from start to finish in about 5 1/2 hours. (Remember, hand-sewing moves at a different kind of time-scale than machine-sewing. Hand-sewing is also why Netflix was invented.)

Flower POW Mug Rug: an EPP Pattern
You can get your copy of this pattern at my online store.

OK. I'm going to go have a mid-day coffee to celebrate!


Your joy is contagious! Thank you for sharing :)

best of luck with your new venture, I ordered the pdf can`t wait to get started

Quick question--do you usually sew through all three layers, or just the top and batting, leaving out the felt? I supposed it could be done either way, but I'm thinking just the top two layers would make for a cleaner finish??? :)
Just bought the pattern and haven't started yet.

Hi, Rachel - thank you so much for ordering the pattern! For the quilting, I like to do it through the top and batting only. I made one of my samples with machine-quilting through all three layers, but honestly, I like the look of the backing better when it's 100% smooth. And hand-quilting especially is made much easier through just the top and batting. Hope that helps!

oh! I do love this pattern .. I'm off to check it out, thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous work :)