Video: How to Build a Plastic Canvas Box and Lid

02 Jun 2014

Here's a new video in my PC Basics series, covering how to build a simple box from start to finish. You can use this method to make any size square or rectangle box, with any kind of stitching on it you like.

I also threw in some tips for managing yarn tangles, ending yarn strands, and getting better coverage at corner points.

The whole series is over on the YouTubes.


great tutorial! I've bought some PC now, via the wonderful internet, but can't decide where to start or what to craft! you inspired me. :-)

YAAAAAAAAY!! I know you'll make something beautiful, Hanna. I can't wait to see it!

Love your tutorials. Have done PC since I was a kid, my grandmother taught me. Love that you are passing on the know-how to future generations.

Dear Diane,
May I accept your kind invitation to tea!

I am a cloistered contemplative Nun in Wales GB. As well as what I am by vocation I have been a woodcarver but am somewhat handicapped by a spinal injury. To help another much loved member of our community family who has a progressive neural condition I started designing bits and pieces in plastic canvas so that our beloved elder sister could maintain and to some extent recover her manual skills. Our website is, of course, about our life, but we want to create a corner for crafts (and a corner for kids) and, as the custodian of the site, I have been looking at other peoples ways of sharing their ideas. I think your approach is lovely - and sustainable.

I can't find an entry to send you photographs of the crib we made together, but would be very interested in your comments, if there is a way to send them?
your grateful little sister,
Sister Maria

Hello, Sister Maria -

I would love to see your plastic canvas project! If you have a Flickr account, you're welcome to upload pictures to the CraftyPod group:

...Or, feel free to email me at craftypod AT deepideas DOT com. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've made!

Has anybody actually tried to made the purse from the book "Fabrigami"? It seems a step or two may be missing. I tried and it didn't come out like the picture. So, I am hoping that someone can help. Thank you. -Patricia

Hi, Patricia - I saw your comment on my other post this morning. I'm trying to get you in contact with one of the authors of Fabrigami, and am waiting to hear back from the publishers. Could you please email me at, so I'll know how to contact you once I have someone to help?

Thank you, this video is very useful I just found the plastic canvas world, and I love it. I'm learning to work with it and my seven years old boy is joining me