Video: Removing Templates from Your English Paper Piecing

16 May 2014

I know I've been quiet this week - I'm in deep quilt-making mode at the moment, but will have a couple new things to share soon. Meantime, here's a new video in my EPP Basics series. It covers two good ways to take the paper templates out of an EPP project. Enjoy!




Found you through Gingerbread Snowflakes and love your blog! You have inspired me to start plastic canvas again. I have seen some others using a stiffer material such as notecards for the templates for EPP and it has been punched with a hole punch to make the removal faster and easier. Have you tried this? I personally have not but thought I would share the wealth. When we lived in England, a magazine I picked up recommended using the inserts from magazines to make the templates for EPP. I always thought this was a great way to recycle something that is mostly just thrown away.


Hi, Maureen, and welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by!

That hole-punching trick is an excellent one. I am usually too lazy to punch the holes, but you are right - it makes removal of the templates extremely simple.

Ooh - and speaking of using magazine inserts, I have a set of hexagon paper punches that Fiskars makes, and they're wonderful - I can punch templates from all kinds of junk mail - very economical.

I did a lot of English paper piecing and did a single bed quilt. but I did use a glue pen to stick on the fabric, and there was no need for tacking it, because the glue does not leave any marks on the fabric. so easy to do it. if you like to know where I got the glue pen from I give you the web side have a look there and she also got an e-mail address ,

Thanks for the very useful and beautiful video! I always use scotch tape for my paper piecing, don't tell anyone!

HAHA! This is what I love about EPP - there are so many different ways do to it, so we each get to choose what works best for us. I must try your scotch tape method sometime, Mary!