Logan Quilt Front

I've been hard at work on assorted T-shirt quilt samples for my upcoming CreativeLIVE class, and couldn't resist sharing them.

I know I've been quiet this week - I'm in deep quilt-making mode at the moment, but will have a couple new things to share soon. Meantime, here's a new video in my EPP Basics series. It covers two good ways to take the paper templates out of an EPP project. Enjoy!

I've been adding new videos to my YouTube channel week by week, and trying to remember to share them here as well. So here's the latest, a little how-to for sewing two panels of PC together.

I thought you might like to see the new video for my upcoming T-Shirt Quilting class for CreativeLIVE. Man, they did an excellent job. And Pushkin's in it! (He had to be; it's in his contract.)

new books

Image by Megan, via Flickr

So, Spring book-release season is upon us, and I've been receiving invitations to join blog tours. I love craft books and I want to support authors and publishers where I can. So I'll always review books on this blog. But I'm giving up on the blog tours.