Nursing my sore throat with some relaxing scrappy hexies.

I do a lot of sitting and stitching, so I watch a lot of video. Here's a collection of recent gems I've found - all go well with a nice crafty project.

Stylish Skirts, by Sato Watanabe

In my last book review I went off on a tangent about how few books there seem to be for intermediate and advanced sewists. And then this one showed up in my mail!

After the Edit

Image by Laura Ritchie, via Flickr. I thought it was hilarious, but should say, I've never had an editing experience remotely like this one.

I'm on a sewing kick

All images in this post by Lisa Clarke.

Here's a new video in my PC Basics series, covering how to build a simple box from start to finish. You can use this method to make any size square or rectangle box, with any kind of stitching on it you like.

I also threw in some tips for managing yarn tangles, ending yarn strands, and getting better coverage at corner points.