All about Plush You – a gallery show for indie-design plush toys. An interview with Kristen Rask, the show's founder and curator.

Sorry, this podcast is no longer available. You can still listen to some other free shows, or browse additional shows for sale.

In this show:

An interview with Callie Janoff, co-founder of Church of Craft. Thoughts on why crafting is a spiritual practice, and what goes on at a Church of Craft meeting.

Two tutorials for crafty travel gear, ideas for interesting projects you can take with you, and thoughts on ways to add more craft to your journey.

The podcast is coming in a few days, but I just had to share this amazing pen that arrived in my mail yesterday. It was made by the insanely-talented Mandi Flint, who also runs a great website called I'd give a lot to be able to peyote-stitch this well.

Thank you so much, Mandi. I adore this pen. You rock hard!

Here's a little audio Post-It Note of sorts, to tell you about a couple other projects I have in the works these days:

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The Harper Perennial Podcast, a podcast about books that I produce for Harper Collins Publishers. Listen while you make stuff . . . .

An ode to Alt Books – or, small blank books made from unexpected materials. I offer up three easy Alt-Bookbinding projects, and lots of ideas for ways to vary them.

Six great projects for making your workspace more crafty, and some thoughts on crafty practices to liven up your daily grind.