Happy New Year, everyone! I'm spending the first day of 2007 doing battle with two web projects, and dreaming of crafting instead. I'm definitely excited about the web stuff, but, being not-so-fluent in HTML, it's sloooooooow going.

I love The Sampler! I know you do, too. Here are some things from the December edition that had me giggling and clapping my hands:

A tasty fused glass ring, by Amy Burhoe Designs. Her website is full of beautiful things.

I talk about a whole bunch of new year's resolutions -- of the crafty variety, including thoughts on expanding your horizons, or going deeper. I talk about ideas for keeping your crafty self more organized, and crafting to benefit your community.

Inspired as I am by the world of craft blogs, I never considered it within my powers to keep one of my own. Until now, that is.

So, with this new year, I'll be adding extra blog posts here and there to share bits of crafty wonderment that cross my desk, as well as my own creative adventures. I hope you enjoy them.

The CraftyPod podcast will continue on its normal schedule, in case you wondered. :-)

A conversation with Anna Torborg, editor of The Crafter's Companion. This is a kind of time-capsule discussion of the early days of the craft blogging community.

I talk about making greeting cards with crafty stuff other than paper – fusing fabric, making stitches, weaving, and embellishing.

An interview with Tsia Carson, the crafty creator of Craftivity: 40 Projects for the DIY Lifestyle.

An interview with Natalie Zee, Associate Editor of CRAFT, about the origins of the dearly-missed print magazine, which has since gone online.