Have you heard about Second Life? It's an entire 3D virtual world on the internet. (Addictive as all get-out.) You can create an avatar of yourself to inhabit it, and you can own virtual land and build a virtual house. You can meet people, buy clothes and furniture, join groups, and even fly.

The new issue of CRAFT has arrived, and it's so freakin' exciting! Every bit as horizon-broadening as Issue #1 was. Here is just a sampling of the cool things in Issue #2:

• Making felted fruit (as on the cover)

• Lisa Howdin of Fitz Patterns

• Crocheted copies of designer handbags

• Making fabric collage

• Hawaiian Quilting!! Woo!

• Needlepoint Sandals!

• Altered Books!

• Linocuts!

Wow! We had a record turnout at Sunday's Church of Craft meeting. It was elbow to elbow, but it was also an incredible craft happening.

An interview with Cathy Callahan, author of the Cathy of California blog. We discuss the glories of crafts from the 1960's and 70's.

Here I've had my head practically stuck through my computer screen all morning long, and just now noticed that there's all this snow on the ground outside! Woo-Hoo! The trees are all frosted, and the park outside my kitchen window is white. Beautiful.

I come from a family that saves things, but somehow I got the recessive gene. Every January, the mania visits me and I begin going through my whole house, getting rid of stuff. At the moment, I have a complicated triage of piles all over the place: one pile for Goodwill, another for eBay, and yet another for Powell's
(where I will re-sell my books in exchange for store credit, which I will use to buy more books . . . OK, it's not a perfect system).

I'm all excited about these fingerless gloves from Crafty Leftovers. The uber-creative Kristin has named them "Oscar's Gloves" due to their resemblance to the fur of a certain Grouch we all know and love. They look warm. My office is cold. Where's my hook?

So I got to playing with my Google customized homepage (which is a way-cool thing, I recommend checking it out). And I ran across a widget that presents me with a random color scheme each day. it's just a small series of color swatches, presented in a row, and bearing an enticing name. (Like, "Rock Candy," for example, or "Ocean Floor.") It's just a cool little daily meditation on color.