An interview with Afya Ibomu, author of Get your Crochet On: Hip Hats & Cool Caps.

I've run across so many great bead resources lately, I thought I'd collect them all in a post and share the bounty.

First, Mandi's excellent Bead Circle site, which has beading forums and a great blog. Mandi interviews beadwork designers about their work, and shares her projects, and organizes the occasional swap. (You may also remember Mandi for her excellent beaded pens.)

Isn't this a wonderful print? It's by Christina Heiniger, who runs a colorful, whimsical place called Fern House Studio. I love looking at her work -- it just makes me feel happy.

Wikipedia is one of the coolest things in the world. I don’t think too many of you would disagree with me.

Have you spent much time looking at craft-related subjects there? While you can find good general articles on big topics, like embroidery or quilting, I think there are vast amounts of data missing, especially as it relates to the modern, indie-craft movement.

I'm prepping for the next Church of Craft meeting at the moment. I can't reveal the project we'll be doing quite yet, but I will say it involves felted sweaters. So, I've just felted a pile of thrifted sweaters in my washer and dryer, and learned some interesting things in the process. Thought I'd pass them along:

I was so excited to learn about Savvy Seams in this Wired article about the rise of online sewing resources.

The thing that thrills me, aside from having access to all these free, cool sewing patterns, is that the site offers them for use under Creative Commons License.

I've had so many requests for the instructions for our last Church of Craft project, I decided to post a little tutorial here. I am by no means an expert, though! You can also find great info here.

But let's get started . . . . First, you need supplies:

Hee hee . . . I guess today I'm extra, extra grateful!