Is there anything better than 50 people crafting it up together on a Sunday morning? Nope, nothing in the world.

The theme of our February Church of Craft meeting was “Making Stuff from Felted Sweaters.†I brought some simple instructions for making a scarf, tote bag, business-card holder, and softie -- and then as always, people added their own creativity and a mind-blowing variety of crafty goodness ensued.

What a splendid weekend it has been. I had the great pleasure of hanging out on Saturday with the lovely Susan, who was in town from LA. Susan is such an inspiring person, hanging out with her is like getting a week's vacation and a super-charge all at the same time. I do wish she'd come back to P-Town for good.

...Well, we may be a little thematic on the crochet this week, but what’s wrong with that!?

So, I’ve been collecting basic crochet books since last October. And while I love them all, I’ve also been scanning around for reference material that will help me grow from a scarf-and-dishcloth maker into someone capable of crocheting clothing . . . that I will actually end up wearing.

Time for a bit of Sampler Love!! Looky all the cool things that came in my February Sampler . . .

Above, some awesome buttons from These are handmade from old photos and other ephemera -- I love these faces. I’ll have to keep them all together in a group, so nobody gets lonesome.

...This goes out to all the husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, and significant others who give all us crafty people so much help with websites and online stores and techy things in general.

We're so grateful for everything you do. Thank you for helping us navigate the online world so we can share our craftiness with others.

[Blows a big kiss]

Yesterday was Baking Day, spent with Mom. My parents have a wedding photography business, and one of the marketing things they do is take big trays of homemade cookies to all the people who regularly refer them business each year, as a thank-you gift. My Mom, being a genius, realized that most people do this kind of thing around Christmas time, so to be more memorable, she does it at Valentine's Day.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers: let's make a ton of them!

My friend Heidi first introduced me to this funny tool about five years ago. I don’t use it often, but every time I do, I think, “I gotta break this puppy out more!â€

The Coiling Gizmo, as its name suggests, is a simple device for making perfect coils of thin wire, which in turn make cool beads. I like to use 24-26 gauge wires, and usually, the colorful ones that come in those sets of little spools.