I seem to be constitutionally incapable of following. (That's a weird way to start a craft book review, but bear with me.) I've never quite been able to get wholeheartedly interested in any large-scale craft movement. I prefer to skim the edges of movements, picking up little bits and hybridizing them.


Four years ago, I made this Valentine sachet tutorial. I like sachets as a V-Day craft - they're quick and easy, and make such a sweet little gifty.


So, as I mentioned in the last post, I've spent the last 30 days in the gnarly finishing stages of my book deadline. And as I ground my way to that finish line, it occurred to me: nobody really talks about this stage of book-writing. There are lots of how-to's out there for the glamorous part (getting a craft book contract), but nothing about what happens once you have it.


Ummm… Hi. How've you been?

That may have been the longest blogging break I've taken in my eight years here. It was a pretty hairy month of finishing and turning in The Book, but now that's done and things will be getting back to normal 'round here.


Normally, I'm not that into year-in-review lists, but 2013 represented a kind of creative rebirth on this blog, and I felt the need to commemorate it.


Blog-reading may not figure prominently into your Christmas plans, so let me wish you either a Merry Christmas or a Retroactive Merry Christmas, depending on when you happen upon this post. :-)