Hand Sewing Lovers, Meet The Lap App!

08 Nov 2015

The Lap App The Lap App
The Lap App The Lap App

So, I went to Quilt Market recently. I'll admit, I'm not one to get too hopped up about all the newest and coolest fabrics and whizbang gadgets. But I was lucky enough to meet Joyce and William Haskins there, and they invited me to road test their wonderful invention: The Lap App.

Since I spend so much time hand-sewing, I'm always looking for ways to make that more comfortable. Sometimes I'm in an easy chair watching TV, sometimes I'm in a car or on a train, and sometimes I'm out at a cafe. It's not always easy to keep track of my tools while keeping my work close enough to my (aging) eyes so I can see it, all while preventing my shoulders from tensing up.

This is where the Lap App starts solving problems. It's a lightweight-but-sturdy lap desk that has two adjustment angles, so you can position it in infinite ways so it's just right for your body and the craft you're working on.

The Lap App

The desk surface is lightly padded for comfort - a lovely working surface for things like applique, reverse applique, EPP, or hand-sewing of any kind.

There's also a handy pocket for your scissors! Joyce is a longtime quilter and sewist, and you can tell she's really thought through all the details of what's useful.

The Lap App

In the photos at the top of this post, you may have noticed some spindles sticking up from the base. What are those? They're thread-holders, of course! And next to them, an embedded magnet to trap your pins and needles. (This is one of my favorite features - I can pop my needle on there, set the Lap App aside to go get more coffee, and come back and there it is.)

The Lap App

...That brings us to the deeper features of The Lap App. Pull off the cover, and underneath you'll find a piece of very fine-grain sandpaper laminated to the top. That's a dandy, no-slip surface for tracing and marking fabrics. I've been using it to make fussy-cut tracings for my EPP, and how lovely it is to be able to do that stuff on the go! Usually I have to save my fussies to work on when I'm at home at my table.

The Lap App

The set also comes with a cute little ironing cover. Pop off the cotton cover, slip this baby on, and you can do all kinds of close pressing or fusing work with your mini iron.

The Lap App

The thing I love best here is that this unit collapses down to a very portable size - easy to tuck into your tote for a crafternoon somewhere.

...And in the interest of thoroughness, I busted out my postal scale and weighed it: 1 pound, 14 ounces.

The Lap App in Action

Here's my Lap App in action as I hang out on my bed sewing and watching Food Network Star, complete with red socks (keeping it real). I've worked on several projects using this tool, and I absolutely love the comfort it provides.

Not only that, the base makes a handy place to slip small items like bags of EPP templates, glue sticks, etc so they don't scatter all over the place while I'm working. If you do lots of hand-work, I highly recommend picking up one of these babies.

You (or the person in charge of your holiday gift wish list) can visit The Lap App website and order one, or check with your local quilt shop.


this looks a good buy will keep my eyes open fro it to be available he in the UK

Thank you for reviewing this product. I've seen it in catalogs (most notably Nancy's Notions) but wasn't sure that I needed one. I think you may have convinced me that I do!