Coming Sooner to a Bookstore Near You!

14 Apr 2015

All Points Patchwork Advance

Guess what this is? It's an advance copy of my next book, All Points Patchwork! I know I've written a lot here about the challenges of writing craft books, but there really is nothing like that moment of paging through that first real, live copy. All the assorted stresses fade away, and you're left with this incredible feeling of accomplishment.

...Even better: Storey has moved up the launch date on this baby! It's now coming out May 19th, and if you like, you can even preorder a copy now.

Many things will be coming soon, like blog hops and reviews and events. And a book website! And - ahem - more blog content. :-) See you soon!


Can't wait! Congratulations!

Hooray!! Looks like something completely different from all the other EPP books out there...which is no less than we expect from you, missy! Good luck with the launch. And best wishes to your Mom.

Looks great! I love EPP!

Another gorgeous book! The planet is so much better off because you are here! Thanks for all of the creativity and beauty you add to so many lives.

i am very excited for your book! congratulations! and now double excited that it is coming out sooner. :)

This looks fantastic, congratulations!!

Congrats, Diane!

Yay! I'm really excited about this book and can't wait to share it with others!


Congratulations, Diane! So excited for you! And can't wait to see the book!

Congrats! Exciting the launch got moved up.

Oooh, congratulations! :-)

Diane I just had a look at Amazon's listing. You have put so much thought and effort into this book, I can see it being a very useful resource for many people.

Knowing full well the hours of thought, preparation, stitching, writes and rewrites, stitching, negotiating, designing, stitching, highs and lows, frustration, and stitching that went into this book, I am so delighted and proud that this moment has finally arrived!!! And happy to hear that all that "other stuff" mentioned above is worth it after all!

Very anxious to see it in person! I just know it will be a book that is destined to remain in our collective craft libraries as a reliable and thorough reference as more and more of us discover the joy of "hexies" and then want to move beyond working with that one simple shape.

I just know people will love it and appreciate it's content and value.

I have pre-ordered from Amazon. The release date is May 18th, 2015. I am getting excited.

Ugh... I am so disappointed with Amazon. I pre-ordered weeks ago and the book is already on back-order so I'm not getting mine for a while. I am bummed out! Although it's great for you, Diane, since yours is the top selling book in its category at Amazon. Woo hoo!

Argh!! Donna, I'm so sorry. There was some back-and-forth with the release date, and now I'm really bummed to see pre-orders not arriving on time. I hope they ship next Tuesday as the site is promising. I'm ready to go out there and deliver the dang things myself! :-)