Things to Watch While Stitching, Volume 5

03 Dec 2014


"I'm busy watching something else right now."

You're likely in the Vortex Of Holiday Making these days, so here are some excellent things to help while away the hours.

Becoming Santa

It's a great time of year to seek out this documentary, in which an ordinary guy goes on a quest to be a Santa for one holiday season, and how the experience transforms him. Keep some tissues next to your coffee mug.

Becoming Santa doesn't appear to be on Netflix anymore, but you can see it on Hulu with a free trial, or rent it on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

The Magic Windows

This documentary goes behind the scenes at Spaeth Design, which produces those elaborate, amazing Christmas window displays for the major New York department stores (Bergdorfs, Macys, and such). It's great fun watching all these different kinds of making happen in one space, and savoring the beautiful result.

Follow that link to their website for a metric ton of eye candy, too.

Johnny Carson's YouTube Channel

Now, some of you kids won't remember him, but I'm betting many of you will. And some bright soul out there has taken a whole bunch of full episodes and clips from the king of late-night talk shows and set them up in a nice channel on YouTube. It's so fun to see big stars when they were just starting out, and to watch the amazing parade of fashions through the decades. (Watch Johnny's lapels, tie, and sideburns balloon out and shrink down!)

I'm hopelessly addicted to this stuff right now – a comforting reminder of simpler times.

Kids Reacting to Old Technology

…Speaking of simpler times. This series of videos, in which small children are bamboozled by tools most of us used to use all the time, is pretty dang funny. When you think about it, most of us have been through a staggering array of tech in our lifetimes.

The video above has the kids wrestling with a typewriter, but there are also videos of them trying to use a rotary phone, film camera, old-school computer, Walkman, and a Gameboy.

Happy Watching, and Happy Stitching!


Kids reacting to the typewriter is pretty precious. My Mom's dream was to have her own IBM Selectric for a long time (it had a correction ribbon). And I am definitely going to check out the Johnny Carson YouTube channel as I petition CBS to put the entirety of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson out there as well.

OOh! Tell me where to sign! :-)