One Loud Quilty Monster

27 Nov 2014


Back when I was making sample quilts for my CreativeLIVE T-shirt quilting class, I offered a quilt to any member of their staff who wanted to donate some shirts. Anthony from their customer service team sent me a box of the most amazing, brilliantly colorful shirts.

Then Life happened, and I didn't finish the quilt in time for class. We ended up using the blocks as class samples. And now, several months later, I've finally finished sewing the quilt together.


This was a fun quilt because Anthony's shirts were different than any others I've worked with. He's a musician (see his stuff here, and his shirts come from shows he's played over the years.

It's one thing I love about t-shirt quilting – every collection of shirts is its own little world, and as you're making the quilt, you get to inhabit that world for a while. I had a great time hanging out in Anthony's world, and I miss this crazy quilt already. (As does, naturally, Pushkin.)


This one was also a great challenge because all the shirt graphics were huge. Many of the blocks are 18" x 24" or larger. And when the graphics are that big compared to the shirts, you don't always have enough fabric to cut a clean square. You often have to go in and sneakily reconstruct corners.

...And the amount of furniture-moving involved in creating a space big enough to lay this baby out was pretty hilarious. Making quilts in a tiny apartment ought to be an Olympic sport.


My next t-shirt quilt project looks like this: I have a collection of these ornate cross t-shirts from my sister in law. The blocks are gorgeous. Although I've never worked with cross forms, so I'm finding myself a little stumped as to how to make them all mesh together as a quilt…



Thank you for doing this. I use this every day to bundle up in. Much love <3