The No-Particular-Destination Project. and Why It's Awesome

20 Oct 2014

My No-Particular-Destination Project

I've been showing off a lot of finished projects lately, but today I wanted to share this one – which may never, ever get finished, and that's a very good thing.

My No-Particular-Destination Project

I started making these half-hexie stars back in March, as an airplane project on my way to and from Craftcation. At that time, I had a finished item in mind: a kind of freeform table topper. But I had so many other projects going on at the same time, once that trip was over I didn't make much progress.

My No-Particular-Destination Project

As the year progressed, I found myself picking up my bag of stars-in-progress only rarely, for long train rides or rare afternoons off. For a while I berated myself about not moving faster toward my table-topper goal (we all know how that goes).

But slowly, something else happened. I realized that these stars had become the project I turned to when I needed a respite from all my other projects. They were, in fact, my form of doing nothing – as "nothing" as it gets for an extreme Type A.

My No-Particular-Destination Project

And so now, instead of berating myself, I find myself fiercely loving my little WIP that will probably always be "in progress."

Every time I get a scrap of fabric in these Froot-Loopy colors, I chop it up and add it to the bag. I might make 15 more stars or I might make 500. I don't really care – this is much more about the journey than the destination.

My No-Particular-Destination Project

A lot of my making time is spent operating on two tracks at once: making the things, and meta-thinking about the making so I can translate it into clear processes for others. That's always interesting and challenging and I love it, but too much of that dual state will fatigue you on making altogether.

My No-Particular-Destination Project

…So I'm very thankful for this one little act of pure craft without any endgame.

Do you have a no-particular-destination project in your stash?


I usually have several of those no-particular-destination projects going. No matter how much I berate myself, I can't stop accumulating projects. Inevitably, some of those end up being about the process and not the project. Once you learn that lesson of letting go of the endgame, you find so much freedom. I too am grateful for my "little acts of pure craft without any endgame".

I always have a "mindless knitting" project. Something I can put down and pick up and not have to think about (usually a hat). It is absolutely my mental break from stress, from other crafting, to pick up when I am feeling sick. It's one of those necessary items, like having a good book accessible at all times.

My secret, endless hand sewing project involves fabric flowers, gradually being sewn by hand into a ....dunno. I saw a huge curtain made this way and it just....stuck. I grab a handful and some thread and just piece them together by the edges. Presently, it's a goshawful mess. I plan on dealing with this in the event I should have a terminal illness, so my sons won't have to. Shhhhh! Secret!

I also have hexies that I am building into quite a stash and also the elongated hexie for making into something one day, might just add half hexies to my collection too a very relaxing way to pass some spare time when I do not want to use the machine

I make yo-yos when we are in overtime at work. It's stressful for me and I need something to relax. They usually become a Christmas ornament to give away. There is a tub full of yo-yos just sitting there and I love not feeling pressure to make them into something.


I have quite a few counted cross stitch project that are WIP pieces. There are days when I wish they were finished and there are days I don't worry about them. I have a question about your table runner WIP, are you going to separated the stars or asterisks with some white fabric or butt them up together like in the picture? Are you going to really spread them out so that some are close together and then some are farther away? Love the idea and enjoy checking out your blog.


Hi, Maureen - Thank you so much! You know, I've abandoned any concept of making a table runner at this point. I'm just making the stars, and that's very comforting. I think all those options you describe would be pretty with this half-hexie star!

I have a bunch of hexies that are my no destination project. I also have a cross stitch project that I just rarely work on. I enjoy it! But I seem to save it for weird times like I was doing it when I was a passenger in the car, and we don't have a car here so I haven't worked on it in a year. LOL

This is how I start most all of my quilts!
I get an idea stuck in my head and it just has to come out! Sometimes it's the fabric, sometimes it's a shape or texture or even simply color(s) that inspires me into a new project. I'm not the type to go out and buy every supply I may need to complete a project right at the start. I tend to get what I love and wait until I find another fabric/color I love rather than settle for what happens to be at the quilt shop that day.