Catch my T-Shirt Quilting class again for free, this weekend!

12 Sep 2014

T-shirt Quilting Class Rebroadcast

Happy Friday, all! In case you're looking for something creative to do this weekend, I'll let you know that my recent T-shirt quilting class with CreativeLIVE is rebroadcasting this Sunday and Monday. You can watch the whole thing for free! Just go to the CreativeLIVE homepage starting at 9:00am, and click the "Watch Now FREE" tab at the top of the screen.

If you want to know what I'm covering in the class, you can check out the bottom of the course page to see the topic list.

(And if you're busy this weekend, the class will be showing again on September 24-25.)

Bonus Projects from my T-shirt Quilting Class

I don't think I ever showed you guys these, but here are some bonus patterns I made – these come with purchase of the class. All of them great for using up the t-shirt scraps you'll have leftover from making your quilt. There's a pillow designed to use up those smaller-size "pocket graphics" from the front of your t-shirts, a trivet, and a pet quilt.*

*Pet not included, but he will smile upon you from afar.



I know, I know I am MOM and what I say probably is considered slightly - well - prejudiced. But I absolutely MUST speak up here! I sat through all of this class and even after having been personally treated to "practice" trials, I learned so many tips and tricks for making Tee Shirt Quilts - any quilts for that matter. You have managed both to devise a system that not only results in an especially attractive Tee shirt Quilt, and to design a simple "building technique" that is easily within reach of anyone - even those with beginner or "just starting to sew" skills. And I was happy to observe that the careful and thorough thought you put into your teaching techniques was recognized and appreciated by both studio participants and on line viewers. Well worth the investment of time.

This is FANTASTIC. I learned LOTS of very valuable tips. I wish I hadn't missed the beginning where you spoke about the different widths you made your shirts (where you used the post it notes).

Yaaay! Thank you so much, Patty Anne! I'm so glad it was useful. The class will broadcast again on September 24-25, so you can catch that bit about the widths again soon!

This was awesome. I really enjoyed watching this class throughout most of my day - the way you speak & give the lessons is really so pleasant and calm. (Also, I had never seen a CreativeLIVE class before & the quality & setup is awesome.) I'm ready to get started cutting up the piles of t-shirts my kids have grown out of now. Thank you!

Woo-Hoo! I'm so excited to see your quilt! I absolutely love working with kid-shirts - and the quilts they make. Thank you for your kind words about the class!

My wife made a t-shirt quilt and I love it. It is soft and comfortable. Plus there are a lot of memories in that quilt.

I watched the first day of this class live and then I purchased this class from Creative Live so I can use the video's for each step and the workbook to make sure I'm on the right track. Yesterday I got all my T-shirts sewn together and today I'm off to the store to purchase the batting and backing material. So far it's looking great.
Thank you

Yay! That's so awesome, Bev! Thank you so much for purchasing the class. I'd love to see how your quilt comes out, if you don't mind sharing - email me a photo? diane.gilleland at gmail dot com.