Welcome to The 12 Hexies (or Less) Blog Hop!

14 Jul 2014


Woo-Hoo! Today kicks off something I've been looking forward to for a long time: the 12 Hexies (or Less) Blog Hop.

The whole idea behind this thing is: I love English paper piecing (obviously). I think just about anyone who tries it loves it, too. The whole problem with EPP is that it's an endurance sport. So lots of us start noodling with hexies, and then come face to face with the reality of stitching up thousands of them to make a quilt, and we put those hexies in a drawer somewhere and feel guilty that we'll never get around to finishing them.

…So I thought, wouldn't it be fun to invite some talented bloggers to come up with projects you can make with no more than a dozen hexies? That way, finishing is practically guaranteed, and there's no guilt!

Tutorial: EPP Holiday Hexie Ornament

Here are the awesome EPP-ers (some longtime, some new) who are joining me in this adventure:

The linky below will automagically display everyone's new links each day of the hop, so check back!


Diane, you host the BEST blog hops - I rarely follow any but yours! They always make me want to stop what I'm doing and start making something!

Aw, that makes me so happy, Michelle!

instead of EPP which you say tires you out you should try Inklingo - print your templates out directly onto your fabric and hand piece them - that is how I do it and get done with a lot. Love the colors of your hexies that you show

I don't see the linky, but I am going to go visit everyone! I know I'm late. I just remembered because I saw it on Pam's site! WHAT have I been doing? late late late!

I hope you are well. I think your blog is groovy.

What a great idea for a blog hop. You are so right with the endurance sport, and I have quite a few hexies made up that I'm wondering what to do with and thinking I'll never manage a full quilt, so great inspiration. Although I should admit that quite a few of my hexies are from my Mum's collection and they're ones that are left over from the king size Grandma's Garden Quilt she made for me - she obviously had far more patience and tenacity than I have!

On NYE I started making hexis to put on placemats. I plan to repurpose denim & then apply a strip of hexis vertically on the side. Well I took a break from those to make some for Valentines & made a mug earl & mug rug. So I forgot about my first set! I just returned to them. Geesh, I might be done with this project for NYE the rate I'm going!