Another Big Change for CraftyPod (In case you hadn't noticed...)

07 Jul 2014

Turn around

Image by David Melchor Diaz, via Flickr

So, 2014 has been a year of big changes for me, but I realized recently that I haven't talked much about that here. I haven't been blogging a whole lot in general – a by-product of working like crazy behind the scenes, and having a lot of projects going that I'm not allowed to talk about yet.

Anyway. As I ended last year, I felt like my life was completely up in the air, but with one immutable fact: I had reached the end of my interest in talking about crafty businesses and online marketing. I was done with my online classes, done putting out ebooks on these subjects, done blogging about it, just done, done, done.


I enjoyed my five years doing these things, and many times it was very rewarding work. But to be honest, it's not a line of work I chose out of any true passion. I just fell into it during the publishing crises of 2008, when my freelance craft clients fell like dominoes and I needed to reinvent – and quickly. I simply looked around, asked "What needs do my readers have?" and realized there was a demand for information about blogging and related topics.

I'm proud of myself for managing in a tough economy, but eventually I had to come to terms with the fact that these subjects were never my core interest. I can write about them, and teach them, and it's rewarding when my skills can help others, but they don't exactly fire up my soul.

Burned Out

Image by Joriel Jimenez, via Flickr

…Which, of course, led me into a place of burnout, over and over again, during the past five years. It's never easy to sustain the kind of constant, wholehearted work required to make a viable business. And it's especially hard to do if you're not really operating from a place of joyful enthusiasm.

So I knew that in 2014, I needed to get back to my crafty roots – as in, designing, making, writing, teaching, and living craft again.


I had a craft book in progress at the start of the year (I may have mentioned that at some point – Heh!), and as soon as that was turned in, I started sending out pitches to craft magazines. I signed up to teach locally, and online with CreativeLIVE. I put out another book proposal (which, sadly, didn't find a home). I started designing patterns (which, sadly, are taking much longer to see the light of day than I'd like). And I just keep putting things out there.

So far, this has been a true rollercoaster of a year – a great big financial hiccup while I get new business streams going, but honestly… in terms of work, this has been the most satisfying year I've had in a long time. It's unnerving at times, but I know without doubt that if I just keep showing up and striving to do the best work I can, everything will eventually fall into place.

{45/365} life happens

Image by Kelsi Barr, via Flickr

I once said in a guest post that I'm something of a poster-child for mind-changing. And I'm 100% okay with that. This blog, as you may have noticed, has been in a state of mind-changing since the start of the year, too.

All my archives will remain intact, but going forward, CraftyPod will once again be a creative blog, with projects and resources and inspirations. I'll write a lot about my two current grand obsessions of EPP and PC, but I'm an omni-crafter at heart, so this will always be an eclectic space.

New Project: Hexie Time

I may blog about some behind-the-scenes bits of my business from time to time, but the kind of "best practices" stuff I used to write about, I honestly don't know if I'll ever have the stomach for again. For now, I'd much rather experience my business myself than write about how it's done.

I'm feeling refreshed, and so excited for the future of this blog, and my work. …And now you're up to date! Thanks for listening. I really appreciate you stopping by here.



Hi Diane, :)

Thanks for letting us know about the changes coming for your blog. Changes are good (even if they are NOT easy). I'm in the same state as you are right now so it feels great to hear about your situation, as well.

I'm a strong believe that, when you do something out of passion, good things always comes out from them. So keep doing what you LOVE! :)

Much hugs! oxo!

(I don't remember the last time I wrote a blog comment... eep!)

:-D I'm honored that you commented on mine, then! Thank you for the encouragement, Fanie, and it's comforting to hear that you're in a similar state of change. I think change is the only constant in the current landscape. Aside from cat videos, of course. I wish you all the best with your evolutions!

Oh how I can relate! The need to reinvent while staying true to what you love is hard enough, but then you add in the actual demands of the work. It all overwhelms me.

But I'm thrilled that you are doing what you're doing! The world needs more of your wonderful work!

AMEN to that, Mollie! Working in crafts is no joke. But I so appreciate your kind words of support. it's all worth it in the end, right? Even in my craziest, self-imposed-sweatshoppy kind of week, I still find myself thinking that I'd rather be doing this kind of work than any other. And the world needs as much of YOUR wonderful work as possible!!

I'm very happy about this change! :)

Yes! Completely agree, there's no need to keep pushing forward in a direction that doesn't speak to you on a deep, wonderful level. I'm so glad you're doing more meaningful creative hands-on crafting! I've lost my energy for posting on my blog as often too, after nine years, but an idea popped into my head yesterday that made me feel so happy that as soon as I get a couple more photos, I'm excited to share it. xox and can't wait to see you in a few days!

Wow, nine years. And we met 11 years ago! And so many different things have happened. Glad you found a bit of bloggy inspiration, and I'm looking forward to seeing you too!

always a joy to come here and see you being YOU!

I am seeing first hand what a difference in you turning back to your passion is making. Seeing you work just as hard creating content for "how to have a crafty business" classes and watching the burnouts happen, I have been a little on edge watching you working your heart out now - so many different creative projects in work or about to be in work. But no burnout! So yes! Creative making is definitely what nourishes you. Recharging the engines even while you are maybe tired of making stitches for the day! And the happy result is that it enriches all of us!

:-D Don't worry, Mom - I have two qualified Burnout Monitors in the house. (I am not one of them.)

What a great post, thanks so much for being so transparent as you share your amazing journey -- this is a great reminder for everyone!

Congratulations, Diane! I know from experience what a huge leap this is and I'm so happy for you doing what you love! (And I can't wait for the EPP book and patterns!)

Aw, thank you so much, Wendi. That means a lot because you are one of my role models on this journey. I really admire what you've built and how you manage to keep so much creative output going.

Oh Hallelujah and Happy Days! Welcome Back to Crafty Goodness! Can't wait to see what you'll be working on.

Heh! Thank you, Debbie! All will be revealed eventually. Crazy how long these things take sometimes!

Love it and I concur completely! I just want to MAKE stuff like it's my job, lovely job as it were!


I love the direction you're going and am inspired by your capacity for changing in ways that stay true to your heart.

Oh Diane, I just love it when you give us these true-to-life process posts. So generous of you--really. I notice, that my blog seems to sort of wind and meander along based upon my current interests--true that we sometimes feel like people might be confused! Love to hear what you're up to. And again--thanks. :) --ginger.

Welcome home/back!
I joyfully anticipate your refocus on crafting and the joy it brings.

While I think it's a shame that you won't be doing crafty business classes because you were SO good at it, I'm happy for you that you're aimed in a direction that's making your heart sing. Wishing you all the best in your new ventures, Diane!

Thank you so much, Aviva. And thank you for being a student. I enjoyed working with you, and still enjoy keeping up with your family business on Instagram!

Good for you for knowing that you needed a change and then putting in the work to make it happen! Thanks for taking us along for the ride :-)

Excited to see what projects you have on the horizon - and I love the term omni-crafter. That sounds much better than what I usually think of myself as, in terms of crafts (a dilettante).

We're not dilettantes! We're laterally curious. :-D

Approving woot woots all around. Your art is too beautiful to stifle, glad it is getting free reign again.

Determining what floats your boat is half the battle. So happy to hear you being so happy Diane!

Good for you! MWAH! and I can't wait to see what's next.
; )

I will always be interested to see what and where you go and do next. Make yourself happy first (sorta like put your own oxygen mask first THEN your child's).
Should I mention I say that as a parent?

So happy that you can see where your happiness lies and have chosen to share that here.

I have recently realized that I cut my legs out from underneath myself with regard to my blog. When I learned to knit four years ago, I was afraid to blog too much about it for fear of alienating my crochet audience. I ended up rarely posting about crochet and posting very high-level (out of character) knitting posts. I didn't document what I was passionate about at the moment, which was the minutiae of knitting. My audience drifted and became less engaged, and I lost my desire to blog.

I'm honestly not sure if I can recapture my blogging enthusiasm - or if I want to. I'm still trying to reconcile it all. Most of all, this comment in your post speaks to me, " ... but I know without doubt that if I just keep showing up and striving to do the best work I can, everything will eventually fall into place."

Yes, absolutely! Listen to yourself, Diane. Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. Trust that it will all work out. We can't fool ourselves. And we can't fool the world. I believe that to really exist in the world we must constantly assess where we are and if we want to be there. I commend your ability to do that and especially commend your ability to share that process with others.


I'm sure you'll find your way with blogging (or not-blogging), Alice. It's really a challenging thing to do, and this idea that people are watching and we want to keep them happy makes it, if anything, way MORE challenging. I think you're right - a blog has to follow our enthusiasms as they evolve, and just because we created a brand around one thing shouldn't mean we're locked into that forever.

Hi, Diane: Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! If you choose to participate, there are some requirements that you can see on my latest post at onemillionstitches(dot)wordpress(dot)com. But even if you don't, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and your work.

Hi, Sandra -

Thank you indeed - it's so kind of you to recognize my blog in this way! I would love to email you about this, but I'm having some trouble locating a contact email for you on your blog. If you happen to see this reply, and would like to email me at craftypodATdeepideasDOTcom, I'll email you back!

Diane, I read your posts no matter the topic because I know I'll come away having learned something valuable. I'm thrilled that you're excited about upcoming projects and I look forward to seeing gorgeous things you'll create, but I want you to know how much I appreciated your business-themed posts. Perhaps your heart wasn't truly in them but I, for one, never noticed!

I really appreciate you saying that, Ann! I did enjoy writing those posts, it just isn't a subject I want to write about week after week anymore. When I started, too, there were far fewer people blogging on these subjects. Now it's really prevalent. But it makes me very, very happy to know that you got something out of that content. Thank you!

From a completely selfish POV, I am thrilled that this is your next chapter! I was so excited when I saw you on Pinterest recently - I'm not a Twitter-er, but I love seeing literal "snapshots" of what catches your eye. It also doesn't hurt that you're doing a lot of EPP, which I love.

Keep doing what you love, and I'll keep reading and crafting along (I have to take a photo of the EPP Kona hexie coasters I finished too...

Ooh! Yes, please, Michelle - I would love to see your coasters!

Can't wait to see what's next. Keep on keepin' on. :)

Diane! I hear ya. I was thinking about you last night while finding that I was making yet another of something I'd made many times before. I thought, hey: Diane doesn't impose things upon herself. She is a woman who embraces just doing something once. Why do I not allow myself to do that?! And so, I awoke today thinking I would follow in your feetsteps. I'm glad you are back to doing things that come from passion and not from obligation. And I wish you the best best best. You always do everything well, even when you've sometimes had to do them from less than 100% enthusiasm. It always is genuine and inspiring.

Very late to the party here,been going through many life changes myself. I say Yay!!! You were cool designs and fun projects when I first found you and I'm glad that focus is back, esp since it is what you want. Go Diane!! Still hope to sit down with you and a cuppa one of these days. ☺️