I'm a T-Shirt Quilt-Making Machine!

20 May 2014

Logan Quilt Front

I've been hard at work on assorted T-shirt quilt samples for my upcoming CreativeLIVE class, and couldn't resist sharing them.

The one above is for my nephew, who as you can see has excellent taste in T-shirts. I love how this one came out - the T-shirt blocks were quite busy-looking when placed next to each other, so I added some black sashing, and then cut leftover scraps from the shirts into LEGO-like blocks to go between. It's backed in a LEGO yellow solid.

Stephanie Quilt Front

...And this one is for my sister in law. These shirts come from the company she's worked for for a long time. They presented an interesting challenge, because even though they say the same thing, they're really diverse in terms of color and mood. I ended up grouping them tightly together and surrounding them with solids, trying to balance the various hues. Symmetrical asymmetry!

This is what makes T-shirt quilting so much fun for me: each pile of shirts has a story to tell, and it's fascinating to find that particular arrangement that lets them tell it.


Next up, a quilt for my brother. It promises to be extremely manly! I'm trying to decide whether to introduce some color, or let it be all neutral like this. We'll see....

(If you'd like to RSVP and get a reminder of when my class is broadcasting, you can do that over here.)



You are rocking the cotton, baby!!

I am really starting to regret never owning a tee!!!

Awesome! One of these is on my list in the next couple months. Also, the Pam above has never owned a tee?? Does not compute. ;)