I Shall Teach You to Make a T-Shirt Memory Quilt, Live!

02 Apr 2014

T-Shirt Memory Quilt

I'm working on so many things I can't talk about right now, so it's awesome to be able to share one of them at last. I just signed on to teach a live online class in making T-Shirt Memory Quilts! It's hosted by CreativeLIVE, which is a very interesting new online education platform. They cover photography, art and design, music, and creative business, and they're launching an awesome craft channel!

My class takes place August 21 and 22. You can tune in while it's live for FREE, or you can purchase a download to watch anytime. If you'd like them to send you a reminder so you don't forget to watch, you can RSVP right over here.

I fell into this kind of quilting because K is an inveterate collector of T-shirts. They represent his experiences, and he's always had a big stash that are too worn to wear, but he can't bear to lose. (That quilt above represents all the memories from his life in California in the 90's.) Making quilts from these old shirts, you get to enjoy them in a whole new way – and even better, T-shirt quilting is a delightfully loose creative process. In my class, I'll share a method I've developed that works with the unknowns (how many shirts do you have? How big are the graphics on them?), and gets you to a beautiful quilt design every time.

You can get more specifics on what I'll be teaching on the class page. I can't wait! Hope you'll tune in.


Oh how cool! Live art instruction! This sounds like a fabulous project, and I am going to put my name in right now. That quilt in the photo is so beautiful and looks so comfy.

That's neat, hadn't heard of their site before!

Excellent—both the repurposing idea and the platform. I've really enjoyed CreativeLive workshops. High-quality content is the name of their game, so it's only fitting that they've connected with you! I especially like that the pieces of the quilt are not all identical squares; that really adds visual interest and makes the project a cut above. Kudos!

Very cool, looking forward to it!

I looove CreativeLIVE and tune kn to learn something new every now & then... How fun to be filmed in a real studio and with a live class - congrats! Will be fun to watch, even though I don't have many t-shirts at all these days. :)

How cool! I love CreativeLive, their business model is very interesting. I've been watching their workshops for a long time. Looking forward to seeing you!

Just RSVP'd for the class! Thanks for letting us know! Can't wait!

i just (finally) signed up. My tshirt pile has been waiting for me to make this quilt since... 1997! I guess waiting a few more weeks won't make a difference but watching all your quilts appear has me ready to the point I'm almost impatiently ready to approach my shirts with a rotary cutter & ruler. :)

Yaaay! I can't wait to help you turn that pile into a quilt. Sounds like there's some good history in there!

Hello! I found you through Creative Live's site. I LOVE your style of t-shirt quilts. I've hesitated to start my own because I just don't want to cut the shirts into same-size blocks and stitch them together...but I'm not a quilter and the process of doing it any other way intimidates me. Your quilts really work with the shirts and colors and THAT is what I want for mine as well. I've RSVPd for your class and can't wait to put my stack of college shirts from the 90s to work!

Hi, Alissa - I'm so excited that you'll be joining us for the class! College shirts will make such a pretty quilt.