Link Love: Album Covers, Infused Water, & Barbie Heads

12 Jul 2013

Well sure... I can always work later. It's your call, Mr. Cat.

"I have decided that you do not need to work right now."

Dang, these weeks zip by quickly. Here we are at another Link Love Friday already. As always, you are welcome to join in the fun - just make a little post on your blog, sharing your five fave links from this week. Then come back to the end of this post and pop your link into the list!


How to Weave In Crochet Ends As You Go, on My Poppet

I'm no fan of end-weaving, so I'm intrigued by Cinti's method. It's easy and invisible, and looks very secure. Totally trying this on my next granny-type project. Right after this 10,000 hours of book-work.


Geometric Wall Art, by Brittni Melhoff, on Curbly

I think this is so cool because it takes advantage of the precut wooden rounds you can find at many big-box craft stores. So you can have a very custom look with no sawing. I love that Brittni put little risers between the layers to create a nice dimension.


Infused Waters, From the Free People Blog

I'll be making us some of this over the weekend for sure. This post has several great recipes for fruit and herb infused water, including Watermelon & Cilantro, and Blackberry & Mint. Refreshing and non-sweet – just what I like in hot weather.


Album Cover Storage Box, from Zombies Wearing Helmets

Album cover graphics are the best things, and I think we need to evolve a whole lot more cool album cover projects. Here, they're laced into a useful storage bin. Couldn't you see a wall of these on shelves, storing yarn? Maybe with the covers in the same colors as the yarn inside?


Barbie Head Pincushions, by kcli on Craftster

When I first saw this, I'll admit I was a little horrified. But then I couldn't look away, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's really funny, right? And something useful that would give you a chuckle every time you used it.

This project reminds me, too, of the craft scene circa 2006, when we seemed to be a lot more collectively exploratory than we are now. I can't help seeing a certain stylistic sameness in craft these days, especially in collective places like Craftgawker. I miss the era (only a few short years ago) when a stroll around the blogs would reveal a ton of surprises.

Here's to being outlandish and original in craft, my friends. Perfection's kinda dull.

Right… sorry! The mild rant is now concluded. Happy Weekend!