Link Love: Cardboard Frames, Granny Bags, and Button Art

21 Jun 2013

Someone approves of my most recent fabric acquisition from @moderndomestic.

"Yes, these will do just fine, thanks."

Happy Weekend! It's Link Love time. You're welcome to join in the fun - just make a little post on your blog, sharing your five fave links from this week. Then come back to the end of this post and pop your link into the list!


Patchwork Paper Gift Boxes, on The Red Thread

Lisa Tilse came up with a splendid variation on the traditional origami box. She started with four squares of pretty paper, which creates this cute patchwork effect. All I'm saying is, imagine giving someone a gift of prepared hexies, needle, and thread in a little box like this. Right?!


Photo by Augusto Esquivel

The Art of Augusto Esquivel

You'll want to look at every single photo on this man's website, I guarantee it. Augusto Esquivel creates astonishing sculptures from suspended buttons. He's made a piano this way. And a carousel horse. And a fountain, complete with a blooming vine. It's all just stunning. I would eagerly watch a seventeen-hour documentary about his process.


Yarstick Tray, from Simplicity in the South

I adore how all these vintage yardstick graphics look together! And I miss yardsticks – I still remember playing with my Mom's. Anyway. Tricia patiently collected enough to assemble into this wonderful tray. And now I want to do the same.


Granny Square Bag, from Pierrot Yarns, on Ravelry

When I end up with a lot of deadlines at once, one of the first things I do is start obsessing about starting a (totally unnecessary) granny square bag. So this is one of my favorites among the 40 or so designs I looked at this week. (Own worst enemy? Yes, sometimes.)


Cardboard Mosaic Frames, by Tarun Upadhyaya on Instructables

Tarun came up with a whole slew of beautiful designs, and he produced one of the most detailed and helpful tutorials I've ever seen. Definitely, click over and see the other frames. Then make me one, willya? I gotta get on this whole granny square bag thing.