An Audio Christmas Card for 2012, from Mom and Me!

27 Nov 2012

Screen shot 2012-11-14 at 5.31.49 PM

As Mom and I were recording this little conversation, we realized that this is our fifth year of doing these holiday podcasts together. Wow!


This year's podcast, like last year's, is a simple affair and a bit shorter. We had a lot of fun talking about some of our favorite memories surrounding one of our favorite parts of the holiday season: decorating the tree.

styro-dog pc-jackolantern

The styrofoam dog (with bitten-off foot) and plastic canvas demonic Jack-o-Lantern.

If you want to listen to the past shows with Mom, here they are:

2011: we talked Christmas Cookies

2010: we talked holiday planning

2009: Mom answered your holiday-making questions

2008: Mom talked about extending the Christmas celebration to include other worldwide winter holidays

I get comments on these Mom shows more than any other I produce, and this means the world to us. We love sharing our joy in this season with you, and we hope you have a lovely holiday!



Because of what you said about Pushkin! ;-)

What a beautiful, beautiful tree! Thank you for sharing that photo!

How lovely to listen to you laugh together. Thank you! Do another one soon again!

I just have to share this photo:



Great conversation. I love the little insights into Christmas insanity!

So much fun! You and your mom are a hoot, thanks for sharing your holiday fun with us!

AZ has a special relationship to Christmas, I think....The best Christmas lights (outdoor decorating) that I have EVER seen in my life were in Scottsdale! I think they have a Christmas decorating fetish because there is no chance that they will ever get actual snow, so they have to make up for it with lights and cool ornaments.

I used to drive a 4-hour round trip to see them, and it was SO worth it! can get a map that tells where the way cool decked out houses are located, and how many lights are in each display. You might think that 40,000 lights are a lot! But then you go down the list and find one with 500,000 lights! You can see the glow a few blocks away! WOW! (and who, exactly counts all those lights???)

"Winter Wonderland " was one of the best , Humvees limos brought people , there was always a crowd, you can see amazing pix at

One of my most fun memories of AZ ...

I agree with Michelle, hope you post pix of the ornaments, demonic and otherwise!

Loving the whole audio thing you got going. Breaks a change from the norm. Love your craft too : )

I had waaaaaay too much fun reminiscing the day we made this podcast!

Remembering again those magical trips to the Scandinavian Shop where it seemed all Christmas Magic began. Do you remember at Christmas the owners would treat visitors to Swedish cookies and mulled cider?

The "first five" are on the tree now, right in front and near the top where all my beautiful birds hang out!

I think we should chuck everything and just open a Christmas ornament store! Are you with me? :-)

I just left a comment on Pam's blog that you (one of you at least) really has to post pics of the pink dog and your jack-in-the-box... But now that I think about it, it's nice to just be able to imagine in my own mind what they might look like... 'specially those demonic eyes. :)

What a great chat! Thanks for inviting us to listen in!

:-) Oh, she's been texting me pictures of that jack-o-lantern already, so she is armed for it! (The eyes are SO demonic.)

So glad you enjoyed the show!