How I supported some Free in August and September

04 Oct 2012

Tip well or we will play Freebird ON REPEAT!
Image by Kevin H., via Flickr

…Speaking of monthly projects in a place of slight stuck-ness.

I'm reporting on two months of supporting Free at once here. I hate to be all "Hard Luck Harriet," but along with the long trajectory of overwork I mentioned in the last post, we've also been slogging through several low-money months. This is how a freelance life goes sometimes; the checks you expect are delayed, and you still have to figure out how to keep your bills paid.

Our preoccupation with those bills has precluded pretty much all discretionary spending since July. But I refuse to let this cop me out of making some small monthly contribution to the internet community. In a way, I see this is one of those "healthy info diet" choices you have to keep renewing.

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 10.36.30 AM

So here's how I supported some Free in the last two months. It's not much, but at least it happened!

First, (and this will be of no interest at all to some of you), in August I renewed my Subscription to Football Guys. If you play fantasy football, I can't recommend this site highly enough. It's full of amazing analysis, stats, and tools to help you choose your players week to week. In the off season, they send free email news updates, and during the season, you get a whole slew of useful emails each game week. Plus, their free Rate My Team tool is worth the price of admission.

Hey - a girl's gotta have her leisure activities!

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 10.35.32 AM

I let all of September slip by, sadly. But, knowing I needed to be accountable to you all, I did this: I chose the blog that's been in my RSS reader the longest, and I went there and made a thank-you purchase. Patricia has been sending me beautiful, amazing free eye candy for years (thank you, Patricia!), so I gave a little something back. I wish it were more.

Here's hoping October will become more flush!


And thank YOU Diane for all you give us! Thank you so much for your continued support (being on your reader the longest? wow. flattered!) and for just being you and lending a sincere voice to so many issues in the craft world. Thank you!