Recent Tutorials: a Garden Caddy & a Recycled Vase

26 Apr 2010


We're busy this week getting ready for How to Host Your Own Blog, so I thought I'd share some crafty I've done for other people lately.

Over on CRAFT, I did this tutorial for an oilcloth garden tool caddy as part of their Bloom garden project series.


...It unfolds to reveal pockets for your tools, and you can use it as a gardening mat! Also, cherries and gingham FTW!


And then for Earth Day, I had this how-to for a recycled newspaper vase in The Oregonian. (For you locals, I used a whole FoodDay circular to make this.)

You can see the tutorial online over here, and get more detail on the reed-rolling process over here.

And while I'm here, I freaking love you guys for your kind responses to my first video blog. Seriously, you rock!


My mum could really use a garden caddy! So pretty :)

Wow! I love them both! A LOT! I am so glad to catch up on what crafty things you have been up to!

That plant holder is just beautiful!

Heh - it's yours! I'll bring it next time I see you!

what a fab idea of the garden tool caddy! I'm excited about it.... must make my own.... ;)

I love the recycled vase...what a great use of paper! The garden tool caddy is adorable as awesome idea to keep the knees clean when you are playing in the dirt :)

I LOVE that newspaper vase! I'm thinking my gardening obsessed boyfriend would like a dude-friendly version of the tool caddy too!

I'm intrigued by your vase. I love the colors (and obviously the reuse). I have a travel section in my front room that I'm trying to fill out out...for free. I'm thinking an old atlas would make quite a cool box like this, using all the maps! Thanks for getting my mind whirring!

OOh - I love that variarion! The colors would be amazing!