Introducing the Archive-Along! (Join Us!)

29 Mar 2010


Today kicks off a special blog-project that Rachel (of Average Jane Crafter fame) and I cooked up.

It started, as so many fun ideas do, from a snippet of random conversation. We got to thinking about how, all this frenzy of online activity - all these blog posts, all these tweets and Facebook updates, all these online articles - everything is, essentially, intangible.

We noticed that, when we have an article published in a hard-copy magazine someplace, we generally keep a copy on file, so we can refer to it later, or share it as a credential with a prospective client. Those hard copies are valuable.

...So, what about all the hard work we put into our blogs? Where's the proof of that, except online? And just how safe is it online?


For so many of us, all it would take is one hard drive failure, one server crash, one pull of the wrong (metaphorical) plug and POOF! All that hard work is gone.

So Rachel and I decided to form an Archive-Along. For the next couple weeks, we'll be sharing various ways that you can save your best online stuff for posterity. Some of these projects will be crafty, and some will just be good computer habits. We hope you'll come away motivated to create permanent archives of the words and images you work so hard to put out there every day.


...And we'd love to have you join in!

How do you save your online work?

What kind of portfolio are you building - online or offline?

If you blog about this subject, leave a comment on any of our Archive-Along posts over the next two weeks. We'll link to you on our Archive-Along page (which will, incidentally, be our online archive of the Archive-Along.) If you have some pictures of your archiving efforts, we'd love to have you share them in the Archive-Along Flickr group.

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And, grab yourself one of these nifty blog-buttons, too! Right over here.



Nice! That's a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing. :)

Sounds like you've got a good start, Chris! I'm glad you'll be joining along.

And I like to think of this as not only having your work backed up somewhere, but also putting together a portfolio of sorts that can be used to get jobs, network, etc. Win-win all around! :)

I shall have a veritable opus for you about backing up a blog on Monday. :-)

I've never thought about backing up my blog, probably should, and while I would be mad if it all was lost, I could just start again lol

I'm enjoying reading the blog posts so far :D i would love to make a zine one day

So timely! I was just reading a fabulous blog written by a mom in Sweden this morning and the thought crossed my mind - I hope there is a way to save permanently all these fabulous memories of her children's lives as they grow up -their visits to museums, their giant volcano projects, rides on fire trucks. I popped over to Rachel's blog and found out what you two are up to! This is brilliant!

I have been lamenting lately about the fact that photography is becoming more of a past time - shoot, look, delete - and less of a permanent record of family memories. This is a wonderful thing you and Rachel are doing.

Fun and useful! :-)

Yay! I'm really excited about the stuff we have planned. First of the
posts happens here on Wednesday!

I have a post planned on that very subject next week!

Such a good idea! How cool would it be to print your entire blog via I may just have to give it a try once my blog is a little more full.

It depends on the system you're using, Meg. If you're on a free blogging platform like Blogger, then it's wholly possible that the owner of this platform may change their archiving processes over time. I'd dive into their Help menus and do some searching for how they archive blogs hosted on their servers.

Generally, if you host your own blog, then the comments are included with the posts in your blog's database. Your hosting account should let you back up that database anytime. (And I'll have a post on backing up your blog next week with more on that.)

Hope that helps!

Fantastic Topic! The computer gets backed-up off-site so I have all the photos in more than one place... but I must admit I've never archived my blog and if it went down that's a whole year of posts down the drain.

When I first started I kept a copy of all the text for each post on my computer... but like so many things when I didn't have time not doing this was the shortcut I took and soon it feel by the wayside. I'd love to learn how to archive the entire thing.

And it may be too early for questions... but if you archive your blog- does it also archive all the comments on each post?

I'd be really interested to learn what people are doing for portfolios- I've spent my whole adult life creating portfolios of my design work, but I haven't done this for my crafty work.

Yeeeeesssssss! I need to do this! I am the prime example of why people should do this. I am missing about two and a half years of the first G+N posts from my archives because of a computer crash. I mean, thankfully I did not post as often as I have in recent years, but still! It stinks to not have my first posts, sniffle.

For safe archiving/back ups I can share the thought ( cannot remember who to attribute it to, but it was on one the geeky podcasts I listen to: Back ups should be 3-2-1 That is at least 3 copies, on at least 2 different media (examples: hard drive and usb flash drive, hard drive and cd, hard drive and network folder etc) and at least one copy off site ( online back up such as (2 Gigabytes free), ( paid but pretty inexpensive), or mail a copy of the CD to Mom for safe keeping).

Okay... WOW.
I am not quite sure yet what the flow of this is, or how it will work, but it is a Majorly Good Idea.
I'm going to explore more and try to join in in a coherent way.
For me, I know that I keep copies of my work on three different servers. I don't know what kind of safeguarding that is, but it's the fastest thing I do and I'm really not very techie. I don't kknow how to 'burn' anything and I don't know what those little dohickies are that plug into the port and look like flower petals (to me). So, I have a lot to learn.

And that's another great idea that you have, looking forward to it! And no, I don't say that because I worked as an archivist and records manager those last ten years ;).

I love this idea! Looking forward to hearing more...

This is an exciting idea! I look forward to seeing your ideas.

Sounds like a "fun" project. Count me in.

This is a really great idea! I have never thought about how to back up my writings and work from my blog. I use an external hard drive to back up my laptop, but should be more careful about the work I post online. I am looking forward to suggestions!

I love this idea - I haven't really done anything to archive and can't wait for your tips and tutorials! Thank you!