CraftyPod #2: All About Decoupage

10 Jun 2005

Welcome to the CraftyPod, a podcast all about making stuff.


In this show:

- All about Decoupage: what it is, and where it came from.
- An adventurous craft project: transforming a thrift-store find with decoupage.
- Some tips on making your decoupage look spectacular.
- A neat crafty resource:

  • SuperNaturale
  • Some tasty decoupage links for you:

  • The Arftul Crafter
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    Hi, there! I just discovered your site and started listening to your podcasts. I love how you thoroughly explain everything, and without any visual aids!

    One thing I'd like to add to all your helpful tips and techniques, is that if you are going to make copies of images, make sure you are printing them out on a laser printer and not on an inkjet printer. Print-outs from the latter will smear and run when they come in contact with moisture. Laser printed copies won't.

    Keep up the great work!